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Although Apple recently switched over to its powerful silicon processor, Intel iMacs are considered outstanding computers. For those who enjoy using all-in-one technology, the iMac Intel-based gives you a lot of processing power neatly contained in one unit.

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A Little Intel Chip History

Intel-based iMacs are all-in-one desktop computers designed and manufactured from 2006 up until recent years. Before 2006 Apple was using PowerPC microprocessors for all of their computing devices, which were then supplied by IBM and Motorola.

Why Did Apple Stop Using the PowerPC Processor?

The PowerPC processor chip worked well, but as the industry continued to grow, the speed feature became paramount to Apple's success. The PowerPC chip generated too much heat and energy to power any lightweight laptop computer. So Steve Jobs and his team elected to find a better way to go.

Steve Jobs Take a Leap

Steve Jobs announced the change over to the Intel-based chip in 2006. Although it was intended to be a two-year roll-out, the company quickly changed its processor chip within the year. From that day forward, it was clear that the future of Apple devices would rely on Intel processors.

Intel Was the Right Choice

Rightly so, as Intel processors have been on the cutting edge of technology for over 50 years and were the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. The chip has been the dominant force in developing the global computer industry.

Apple's 15-year Exclusive with Intel is Over

Until the last couple of years, Apple has used the Intel chip exclusively for each device in Apple's computers. We think the iMac Intel-based computers provide high value, regardless of age, and particularly at the phenomenal prices we provide.

What Caused Apple to Change from Intel Processors

One of the only reasons Apple recently switched from Intel to its own silicon chips is because Intel became synonymous with Microsoft in many tech professionals' eyes.

Apple's Silicon vs. Intel Macs

For power users who require the absolute best performance for things like video editing, 3D rendering, or other intensive tasks, the Intel (I9) is the more powerful processor! The silicon processors are also extraordinary. Your selection should depend on usage.

When Was the Apple Silicon Processor Released?

For those who aren't familiar with the two, the Apple silicon processor is fairly new. The first new chip was called the Apple M1 and was released in 2020 as a replacement for the Intel Core processor previously used in MacBooks, iPads, and other Apple products.

Our Pre-Owned Refurbished Intel-based Collection

If you do not find the Apple device and model you are searching for, be sure to contact us directly. We are happy to locate any iMac, iMac Pro, Mac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Mac Mini models through our vast vendor source.

Apple Switches to Apple Silicon Processors for Good

The Intel-based Apple computers will no longer be manufactured, which means even greater prices on refurbished and pre-owned iMac Intel-based computers.

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