Payment FAQ

Why must DV Warehouse verify my shipping address?
In order to guard against credit card fraud, if the billing and shipping address are different, we must verify that the alternate shipping address is authorized. Please contact your credit card issuer bank and list your ship to address as an alternate address in their memo field. We will call them and verify the address. Please make sure your credit card issuer bank's phone number is listed in your account with Dvwarehouse.com.

What are all of the payment methods DV Warehouse accepts?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal (DV Warehouse only ship to a PayPal Confirmed Address)
    For International customers outside USA: Please Use Wire Transfer.
  • Corporate, Education & Government Purchase Orders
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Company Check (pre-approved & qualified accounts only)
  • Pre-paid Personal Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order
    Note: All Prepaid Orders take longer to process because all checks must first clear with our bank.
  • Please accept our apologies but we do not accept international credit cards at this time; only bank wire transfers.

Does DV Warehouse accept Government & Education purchase orders?
Yes we do! We even offer discounted pricing on certain items for corporate and institutional clients. To set up a Government/Education account, simply contact one of our helpful account managers to get your account properly set up. Government/Education purchase orders must be faxed to (323) 463-5008. Please include your sales tax exempt certificate (applicable to CA entities only), as well as your Accounts Payable contact's name and phone number.

May I pay using a check or a money order?
You can place an order and pay by check or money order by choosing "pre-paid check" in the payment area, instead of a credit card, as method of payment. Basically, write the order number on your check, print your confirmation and wrap the check or money order in it and send it to us. Or on COD requests you may fax a copy of your check to our accounting department at (323) 463-5008, made out to DV Warehouse for the full amount of your order, we will verify it with your bank for legitemacy and then release your order out.

Mailing address:
DV Warehouse, Inc.
747 Seward St.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Can I make a payment by telephone?
We understand that many customers prefer to use the telephone when providing credit card information. Simply select "phone order" as your method of payment at checkout, and a sales associate will contact you to complete your purchase.

Is the Dvwarehouse.com website secure? What type of security features are utilized to safeguard my information?
When you are placing an order on the Internet, security is a number one priority. All online transactions are sent through our secure server, and encrypted with 128-bit technology. Once the information is received through the Internet, trusted authorized employees will process your payment, and make sure that your information is handled with the highest level of security.

What states are required to pay sales tax?
Orders shipped to California will be charged sales tax based on the individual county or state rate. For California residents, you will be charged 9.75%. All customers outside of California will not be charged for any sales tax since products are shipped out of state.

Does DV Warehouse offer any type of reseller or wholesale discount program?
Currently we do not offer an online discounts to resellers but we do offer volume discount to resellers on our used computer, parts & iDigital Turnkey Solution; excluding all pro audio & video gear.

How can my credit/debit card be declined when I know for certain that I have the funds available?
A credit card can decline due to invalid credit card number, missing cvv numbers, exp date, daily limit, insufficient credit, or other reasons. Sometimes the card number itself is input incorrectly. Check online to be sure the number has been input correctly. Contact your credit card company for more information.

Does DV Warehouse know specifically why my credit/debit card was declined?
The computer does the credit card charges automatically. We are not given a reason when a charge declines. Only that it is declined. Verify you have given us the correct numbers and expiration date. If so, please contact your credit card company or bank for information.

Does DV Warehouse pay for the return shipping of defective merchandise?
DV Warehouse does not pay for the return shipping of defective merchandise. We are not responsible for factory defects because we are not a product manufacturer. And on warrantied used merchandise we offer our one way shipping policy. Thus DV Warehouse will split the shipping costs with the customer. The customer agrees to pay to send the item back to DV Warehouse and DV Warehouse will consequently repair or replace the component and ship the item at no charge back to the shipping address specified in your account.

Product FAQ

What is the warranty for used & refurbished merchandise? Do used items offer any additional warranty coverage?
DV Warehouse offers to repair or replace a hardware item if it is found to be faulty within 90-days of receipt. This only applies to the used Apple computers we sell (eg. PowerMacs, iBooks, and etc). This does not cover batteries. All of our used and refurbsihed Apple computers are fully tested and guaranteed not to be DOA. Additional warranty coverage can be purchased seperately.

What happens if/when an item is out-of-stock?
Products we leave listed on our website but showing out of stock we expect to be back in stock within a week or so. If we know a product will be out of stock for a longer period, we will take the product's listing off our website and notify you immediately about its delay and the estimated ETA.

May I request/reserve a specific version, revision or serial number of a product?
UNLESS directly specified y the product description or title, we do not guarantee revision or version numbers. We ship what we have, when we have it. Generally, our stock moves so fast that we have the latest version or revision of everything. DV Warehouse cannot tag a particular version or revision for a particular order and make sure the warehouse picks that box or item when your sales order comes up.

Can DV Warehouse advise me of whether the parts I am purchasing are compatible?
We do not offer any technical assistance. We also do not offer advice on compatibility of items. Please contact the manufacturers, or a local service center, for accurate answers to your technical questions.

Does DV Warehouse know the estimated time of arrival for out-of-stock merchandise?
Occasionally we will post the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on our website on popular items. Otherwise, we will offer you the ETA on its delivery after recieving further details from our vendors or products manufacturer.

The price of an item I purchased has dropped prior to shipment. Is it possible to change the price to have the latest price charged for my order?
DV Warehouse does offer price guarantee. The prices in our industry change too often, too fast, for us to make all necessary changes to our catalog. If the order has not shipped, you can request for your order to be changed or reflect the latest price drop.

Can DV Warehouse ensure that I will get a specific color or stepping of a product?
Aside from certain items that are designated on our website, our products move way too fast to tag a particular item, with a particular stepping, for a particular order. We ship what we have, when we have it.

Can DV Warehouse sales associates physically get a product and describe it to me?
Sales associates cannot physically get a hold of a particular product to describe it for you. All the information we have for each item is on our website. Please use the "More Information" and "manufacturers home page" links for detail information on each product.

Will DV Warehouse special order merchandise that is not currently listed on the website?
We will gladly expedite any special orders for you; so far as it?s not a discontinued item. If the item you are looking for is not on our website, you may submit your request through our product inquiry form online.

How can I obtain a price, stock or shipping quote from DV Warehouse?
Yes real easily, by visiting our online Request for Quote form to complete and send your request.

Does DV Warehouse offer any technical support or advice?
DV Warehouse does not offer any technical assistance. We cannot offer advice on compatibility of items. We do not test or have hands on experience with all the products we offer through our catalog. On most products we provide a "More Information" link for you to obtain information about the product through its manufacturers site. We ask that you contact the manufacturers for accurate answers to your technical questions and compatibility.

Does DV Warehouse sell any merchandise that is not presently listed on the website?
Most all the products we sell are contained within our website. If the item you are looking for is not currenly listed, you may submit your product request here.

May I take advantage of a manufacturer mail-in rebate through DV Warehouse?
For your convenience, DV Warehouse does it's best to advertise any current rebates on our web site. The prices listed on our web site do not include the rebate savings. Any use of these rebates is limited to any terms or conditions as determined by the manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding the rebate terms & conditions, please contact the manufacturer directly.

Where can I acquire more information on the products listed at DV Warehouse?
If further technical assistance is needed, use the products "More Information" link to access the manufacturers products detail for the most accurate information. DV Warehouse does not offer any technical assistance and cannot advise on the compatibility of the items we sell. Also, most of our manufacturers URL's are located on the right hand column; as well through our manufacturers directory.

Return Merchandise FAQ

How do I request a product return?
At DV Warehouse, we'd like to help you resolve a problem as quickly and easily as possible. To obtain an Return Merchandise Authorization "RMA" number, please fill out our RMA Form, and one of our customer service will reply to you within 24-48 business hour.

Is it mandatory to have an RMA in order to return a product to DV Warehouse?
YES. You must obtain an RMA within our Return or Warranty policy period. DV Warehouse will not accept returns without prior authorization and an RMA number. Once issued, RMA numbers are valid for 10 days within which DV Warehouse must receive return products. RMA numbers will not be extended or reissued. Customer should prominently display the RMA number(s) on the shipping label of boxes containing the returned product.

What to do after an RMA number has been issued?
Write your RMA number legibly on the shipping label and have your items returned to our warehouse:

DV Warehouse, Inc.
Attn: Returns Center (RMA Number:_____)
747 Seward St.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Is it necessary to return each individual accessory when I send in a return? What should I include with my RMA?
Yes. All original equipment, components, manuals, cables, documents, packaging must be returned with your item in order for DV Warehouse to process your RMA. Missing items will incur further charges or less of a refund. In most cases, items sent in for RMA repair will need to be tested with its accessories to determine the exact problem. Please include all items & accessories in your return.

Approximately how long does it take for DV Warehouse to process an RMA?
Returns processing may take up to 5 - 7 business days from the time your return is received. Replacement product orders or refund will not be process until the original item is received and inspected.

How do I check the status of my RMA?
Use the RMA Status Form on our web site to inquire of its status.

Approximately how long does it take before I see a refund redit in my account?
It takes us approximately 5 - 7 business days to process a return & credit back to your credit card. After DV Warehouse issues the credit, the rest of the process is out of our ability to speed up. At this point merchant services and your Bank determine how long before the credit posts in your account. This is normally 2-3 business days.

Will DV Warehouse cross-ship replacement merchandise?
On all items beside computers, within 14 days of the invoice, we will refund on the item being returned and charge for a new item being sent out and credit back when we receive the RMA item.

Will DV Warehouse cross-ship a replacement computer?
NO. We absolutely do not cross ship computers. We will not refund on one computer while charging you and shipping another. On computers we must have the unit back in our warehouse and logged in through the RMA process before we will ship another computer out. We do not send out two products for the price of one.

Who pays for shipping on a defective item?
DV Warehouse does not pay for the return shipping of defective merchandise. The customer is solely responsible for shipping any returned product to DV Warehouse. We are not responsible for factory defects because we are not a product manufacturer and we do not produce the parts we carry. However, DV Warehouse will use every good measure we have to ensure that you will be able to get the item replaced promptly with as little hassle as possible. Thus DV Warehouse will split the shipping costs with the customer. The customer agrees to pay to send the item back to DV Warehouse and DV Warehouse consequently repair or replace the component and ship the item at no charge back to the shipping address specified in your account.

I received an email indicating that the item I returned is no longer available or is backordered. What happens now?
If an item is found to be on backorder and we cannot obtain the item or repair it, you will be notified by email and the backordered item will be refunded as a worst case situation. We try to contact every customer in this case and make sure they are happy with another replacement item or refund amount.

May I exchange my Returned Merchandise for a different product?
No. We do not exchange RMA items for different items. We replace an item only with the exact same item type. If the warranty period for a refund has not been exceeded, an RMA request for refund can be placed online and then the new item can be purchased and the RMA item will be refunded when received. You may view this as an exchange.

When and Why are restocking fees applied? How much is deducted when a return is subject to a restocking fee?
All qualifying returns for refund are assessed a restocking fee up to 15%, and it's shipping costs are NON-REFUNDABLE. DV Warehouse is not responsible for manufacturer defects. If a refund is requested instead of a replacement or repair we will charge typically a 15% restocking fee. If the item is defective we will replace it or repair it at our discretion. For any computer or component part refunds, any restocking fee we use will be a reflection on current market value for the same item. DV Warehouse will not allow returns and then re-orders in attempts to make a profit on market flunctuations.

I received an email indicating that the serial number of the item I returned does not match the serial number of the product I originally purchased from DV Warehouse. What now?
We keep serial numbers on all products every step of the way in our warehouse. Sometimes we find a customer has inadvertently returned an item that does not belong to DV Warehouse. In such a case, the item in question will be returned to the customer with a request to send the correct item.


Please Note: Once item is purchased, we are not responsible for compatibility issues for what the buyer chooses to install. DV Warehouse does not troubleshoot OS installations installed by buyer after purchase or provide any type of assistance or service for new MAC users or inexperienced users. We do not accept any unit back if any software has been installed by the buyer causing functionality issues.