DV Warehouse Certified Refurbished process entails a rigorous refurbishment process held to the highest quality standards.


Two-Stage Cleaning Process

Each product goes through a thorough cleaning process. All prior data is securely erased, and a clean copy of the operating system is installed. Every product is then given a thorough external cleaning to ensure an accurate Visual Inspection as well as your satisfaction.

Visual Inspection

The Visual Inspection process involves a 40-point inspection. Our Certified Technicians inspect equipment for any cosmetic or operational issues. Issues are rare as equipment comes to us guaranteed operational from working environments. Our technicians also perform functionality tests (e.g. testing the hard drive, microphone, speakers, camera, etc.).

Hardware Testing

All equipment goes through a custom process conducting comprehensive hardware testing of:

Electrical and mechanical systems
Video graphics
Battery life
Components and sensors
Network interfaces
And much more!



In the rare instance equipment fails testing, our Certified Technician reviews the reported issue and performs the necessary repair. Some products with minor issues are sold in our clearance section. Only products with full functionality are listed in our standard product categories.


Equipment has passed all testing at this point. In the Repack stage, units are given a final visual inspection, packed, and labeled. Equipment is stored in our Finished Goods warehouse until sold.