iMac 700 (CD-RW)

iMac 700 (CD-RW)
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  1. 512MB PC-100 CL2 SDRAM 168 Pin for PowerMac G3, PowerMac G4, iMac G3, eMac G3 Special Price $29.95 Regular Price $69.00
    These systems have Three memory expansion slots. The main memory can be upgraded to 1.5 GB (maximum). System Specs Product Detail: 512MB PC100 CL2 168 Pin SDRam 2-2-2 (32x8 based)1.15" Learn More
  2. 128MB PC100 168 Pin SDRam for PowerMac G3, PowerMac G4, iMac G3 $20.00
    The PowerMac G3 Pro also goes by the names G3 Yosemite, and G3 Blue & White. Contrary to the Apple specification, the G3 Pro is able to use a maximum of 1024MB (1GB) in system memory. This item Learn More
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